Passive characterization and active testing of epoxy bonded regenerators for room temperature magnetic refrigeration

Tian Lei, Kristina Navickaité, Kurt Engelbrecht, Alexander Barcza, Hugo Vieyra, Kaspar Kirstein Nielsen, Christian Bahl

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Epoxy bonded regenerators of both spherical and irregular La(Fe,Mn,Si)13Hy particles have been developed aiming at increasing the mechanical strength of active magnetic regenerators (AMR) loaded with brittle magnetocaloric materials and improving the flexibility of shaping the regenerator geometry. Although the magnetocaloric properties of these materials are well studied, the flow and heat transfer characteristics of the epoxy bonded regenerators have seldom been investigated. This paper presents a test apparatus that passively characterizes regenerators using a liquid heat transfer fluid with an oscillating flow at low Reynolds numbers, simulating the hydraulic working conditions in AMRs. Dimensionless parameters, including friction factor, effectiveness and overall Nusselt number, are presented for the epoxy bonded La(Fe,Mn,Si)13Hy regenerators and reference packed particle beds. Moreover, a five-layer AMR based on spherical particles is tested actively in a small reciprocating magnetic refrigerator, achieving a no-load temperature span of 16.8 °C using about 143 g of epoxy-bonded La(Fe,Mn,Si)13Hy materials. Simulations based on a one-dimensional (1D) AMR model are also implemented to validate and analyze the results from the active test.
Original languageEnglish
JournalApplied Thermal Engineering
Pages (from-to)10-19
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Magnetic refrigeration
  • Active magnetic refrigerator
  • Epoxy bonded regenerator
  • Heat transfer
  • Friction factor

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