Sefik Muhic, Anthony George Mason

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    Abstract:Because of the growth of internationalisation of the world's markets, in recent years Danish companies, as other countries industries, have noticed, a sharper international competitiveness and faster technological developments, integrated into manufacturing.After the opening of the former east European block and the saturation of present markets in the west, industry in the west has taken an aggressive stance towards the new markets presenting themselves. If we consider the establishment of production in this country from the "ground up", or by buying in to existing companies, (as a total ownership or joint venture). This will give similar problems and possibilities with the transfer, acceptance and application of production and economic principles and practicalities. Based on the hypothesis that the transfer of production and technology is effected by the various factors and relationships, it is proposed that various theories ie Porter and other relevant theories (PEST analyses) be applied in the course of this investigation.It is proposed to describe specific examples of companies that have or will transfer production to Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) and make an analysis of their findings, taking all relevant factors into account. There will be an evaluation of the implementation of the local technological resources, natural resources, workforce, infrastructure and an analysis of the problem areas.One of the further aims of the paper is to investigate, how this "country analysis" can be integrated within the company's structure when transferring production. The analysis will also try and prove the interrelationship between the various factors, (material, communication, organisation, culture, judicial and economic) to form a homogenous entity, when considering the problems involved.The paper will be written using a combination of literature study and empirical analysis, within the organisation of the chosen Danish companies.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 1999
    EventRIM '99 second international symposium: REVITALIZATION AND MODERNIZATION OF PRODUCTION - BIHAC B&H
    Duration: 1 Jan 1999 → …


    ConferenceRIM '99 second international symposium: REVITALIZATION AND MODERNIZATION OF PRODUCTION
    CityBIHAC B&H
    Period01/01/1999 → …

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