Optimal open loop wind farm control

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    This paper presents a general purpose platform for optimal open loop control of wind power plants as seen from a power production perspective. The general idea is to change the controller design criteria from greedy individual wind turbines to a controller design facilitating cooperative and interdependent elements of a wind power plant, with the overall aim to improve the wind power plant power production conditioned on ambient mean wind speed and mean wind direction. The flow within the wind power plant, including all essential interactions between the wind turbines, is modelled using a very fast linearized CFD RANS solver. The wind turbines are modelled as actuator discs, and two design variables per wind turbine - collective pitch, α, and tip speed ratio, λ - are initially defined for the optimization problem. However, a priory we expect one design variable to suffice - i.e. the unique set of (α, λ) representing the lowest thrust coefficient, CT , for a given power coefficient Cp . The conjectured collapse of the design space is justified in this paper. Optimized control schemes for the Lillgrund offshore wind farm are derived conditioned on ambient mean wind direction and wind speed. Aggregated over a year, using the site sector Weibull distributions, an increase in the annual energy production of 1% is demonstrated.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationProceedings of the Wake Conference 2019
    Number of pages12
    Publication date2019
    Article number012027
    Publication statusPublished - 2019
    EventWake Conference 2019 - Uppsala University Campus Gotland, Visby, Sweden
    Duration: 22 May 201924 May 2019


    ConferenceWake Conference 2019
    LocationUppsala University Campus Gotland
    Internet address
    SeriesJournal of Physics: Conference Series
    NumberConf. 1


    • Physics and Astronomy (all)
    • Actuator disks
    • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Controllers
    • Electric utilities
    • Offshore oil well production
    • Power plants
    • Reactive power
    • Wakes
    • Weibull distribution
    • Wind
    • Wind turbines
    • Annual energy productions
    • Controller designs
    • Design variables
    • Open loop control
    • Optimization problems
    • Optimized control
    • Power coefficients
    • Thrust coefficients
    • Offshore wind farms
    • Atmospheric Properties
    • Oil Field Production Operations
    • Mechanical Drives
    • Wind Power
    • Fluid Flow, General
    • Computer Applications
    • Control Equipment
    • Mathematical Statistics


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