Optimal approach for the interaction between dsos and aggregators to activate der flexibility in the distribution grid

Zaid Al-Jassim, Mathias Christoffersen, Qiuwei Wu, Shaojun Huang, M a Ángeles Moreno, Gerard del Rosario, Cristina Corchero

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The process of predicting the behaviors of distributed energy resources (DER) and controlling them is complex. It will require a huge effort from the DSO to establish communication channels to all available DERs in the network and to integrate new ones into the automation
system. It is therefore important that a third party takes care of the communication with DERs in the network. This third party is called the Aggregator (A). This paper will focus on the following: 1. DSO functionalities that enable communication with the flexibility market and the aggregator 2. The aggregator role and the functionalities required to be a successful business entity 3. The approach (DSO/aggregator model) that was identified and adopted by the IDE4L project as the most efficient one to solve congestion and to ensure harmony in the sequence of events. The paper concludes and recommends the IDE4L approach, which is the approach that was adopted by the IDE4L project. Based on the achieved results, we believe that the IDE4L approach is the optimal method of communication that insures efficiency, effectiveness and
harmony in communication among the DSO and all other flexibility market players. However, a full scale field demonstration of the whole IDE4L approach was not applicable during the duration of the IDE4L project. Therefore it’s hereby recommended for future projects.
Original languageEnglish
JournalCired - Open Access Proceedings Journal
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)1912-1916
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event24th International Conference on Electricity Distribution - Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Duration: 12 Jun 201715 Jun 2017


Conference24th International Conference on Electricity Distribution
LocationScottish Event Campus
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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