Opgiv den u-økonomiske vækst (Abandon the un-economic growth)

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The article is inspired by a book by Herman Daly: Ecological Economics and Sustainable Develpment (Danish ed. Nødvendighedens Økonomi). As income or GDP per capita grows the marginal benefit decreases, and it can actually reach a point where it turns negative, a situation Daly terms un-economic growth. At this level, it is of course time to stop the growth, a very beneficial action from a global warming point of view. Recognising the limitation of the environment calls for more equal distribution of wealth, and to avoid unemployment work should be shared too. This fits well with surveys showing that 73% of Danes would prefer to have mre leisure time rather than more incme. The article ends with the observation that it is not surprising that economist don't suggest to halt the economic growth, when they have probably not learned anything about how to manage the transition.
Original languageDanish
Issue number3
Pages (from-to)14-17
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Un-economic growth
  • H. Daly
  • Sustainability
  • Work hours
  • Equity

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