NICER and INTEGRAL/JEM-X observations of 2E 1050.8-6200

G. K. Jaisawal*, J. Chenevez, Keith C. Gendreau, Z. Arzoumanian

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Other contributionNet publication - Internet publicationResearch


The X-ray transient 2E 1050.8-6200 was recently detected by INTEGRAL/JEM-X (ATel #15624) and Swift/XRT (ATel #15630). We followed the target with NICER between 24 September and 1 October 2022 for a total exposure of 12 ks. The source count rate decreased from approx. 3 to
An averaged NICER spectrum in the 1-8 keV range can be fitted with an absorbed power-law with a photon index of 0.7+/-0.1 and a column density of (6.0+/-1) × 1021 cm-2 (chi-squared/d.o.f. = 433/350). The 0.5-10 keV and 3-10 keV unabsorbed fluxes are 8 × 10-12 and 6 × 10-12 erg/s/cm2, respectively. All reported uncertainties are 90% confidence limits.

INTEGRAL also covered the location of 2E 1050.8-6200 between 2022-09-30T22:20:51 and 2022-10-01T11:41:30 (revolution 2555) for 45 ks during the Galactic Plane observations (PI: A. Bazzano). The source was undetected in the JEM-X mosaics, leading to a 3 sigma upper limit of about 1 mCrab in the 3-10 keV band.

The flux measured by NICER is more than an order of magnitude below the INTEGRAL/JEM-X estimation on 16-17 of September 2022 (ATel #15624). This implies that 2E 1050.8-6200 has undergone a short-lived outburst that decayed rapidly even before the NICER snapshots.

NICER is a 0.2-12 keV X-ray telescope operating on the International Space Station. The NICER mission and portions of the NICER science team activities are funded by NASA
Original languageEnglish
Publication date6 Oct 2022
Publication statusPublished - 6 Oct 2022
SeriesThe Astronomer's telegram
NumberATel #15645


  • X-ray
  • Transient


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