New opportunities and responsibilities with PSS

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The ever increasing integration of the global economy and adaptation of information and communication technologies is changing the way companies conduct business. Compa-nies today are focusing more on how to develop innovative solutions to attract custom-ers, to fit and individualise products and compete on the global market. One innovation strategy that has attained increasing attention the past years is transforming business from being based on the sale of goods to business based on offering a combined prod-uct-service system that continuously provides value to the customer. This approach has been dubbed “product/service-systems (PSS)”. The term is related and shared with other terms such as “functional economy”, “functional (total care) products”, “market offer development” and “service engineering”. PSS Research Over recent years a growing number of studies and research programmes have been conducted on the issue of product/service-systems. These studies usually analyse the potential of integrated solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of human con-sumption activity or optimise a company’s ability to cope with the influences arising from the emerging globalisation of economic and business activities. Research issues As we move into the exploration of the field of research we call PSS, we discover some of the following issues: Product perspective vs. Service perspective - What are the differences between a service perspective and a physical product perspective in organisation and management of the development process? - What are the new dimensions in the service oriented perspective? PSS and the market: - How can we align the interests of PSS provider and customer? - What are the roles of stakeholders in the development of PSS? - How can companies make use of the many opportunities that a PSS strategy promises? Developing PSS in companies: - How do we design PSS in companies? - How does PSS affect the design approach in companies? - What do the business models that transform the relationship between purchase and use of solutions look like? And how can we support the development of them? Partnerships in PSS: - Who should develop PSS in organisations? - How are the relationships managed amongst partners in a value creating collabo-ration in PSS? PSS in relation to sustainability: - How does the increase of product responsibility in PSS affect companies’ busi-ness operations? - Can we count on PSS for sustainable development?
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2005
Publication statusPublished - 2005
EventPSS North: Scandinavian forum for PSS researchers - DTU, Lyngby
Duration: 1 Jan 2005 → …


ConferencePSS North: Scandinavian forum for PSS researchers
CityDTU, Lyngby
Period01/01/2005 → …


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  • PSS
  • Product life
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