Nanoplasmonics beyond Ohm's law

N. Asger Mortensen (Invited author), Giuseppe Toscano (Invited author), Søren Raza (Invited author), Nicolas Stenger (Invited author), Wei Yan (Invited author), Antti-Pekka Jauho (Invited author), Sanshui Xiao (Invited author), Martijn Wubs (Invited author)

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In tiny metallic nanostructures, quantum confinement and nonlocal response change the collective plasmonic behavior with important consequences for e.g. field-enhancement and extinction cross sections. We report on our most recent developments of a real-space formulation of an equation-of-motion that goes beyond the common local-response approximation and use of Ohm's law as the central constitutive equation. The electron gas is treated within a semi-classical hydrodynamic model with the emergence of a new intrinsic length scale. We briefly review the new governing wave equations and give examples of applying the nonlocal framework to calculation of extinction cross sections and field enhancement in isolated particles, dimers, and corrugated surfaces.
Original languageEnglish
JournalA I P Conference Proceedings Series
Pages (from-to)28-32
Publication statusPublished - 2012
Event5th International Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Nano-Photonics: TaCoNa-Photonics 2012 - Bad Honnef, Germany
Duration: 24 Oct 201226 Oct 2012


Conference5th International Workshop on Theoretical and Computational Nano-Photonics
CityBad Honnef
Internet address

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Invited presentation.


  • Nanoplasmonics
  • Nonlocal response
  • hydrodynamic model
  • Extinction
  • Field enhancement


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