MYTIGATE - Mytilus edulis (Blue Mussel) Mitigation Farm Site Selection Tool for the Western Baltic Sea

Andreas Holbach, Marie Maar, Karen Timmermann, Cordula Göke

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The Mytilus edulis (Blue Mussel) Mitigation Farm Site Selection Tool for the Western Baltic Sea (MYTIGATE) is meant to provide stakeholders with a science-based decision support tool that offers flexible site selection solutions. Site selection is based on customized input criteria and, therefore fully dynamic with respect to the user’s selections. MYTIGATE is based on ‘a spatial model for nutrient mitigation potential of blue mussel farms in the western Baltic Sea’ (Holbach et al., 2020) and a thorough selection of available spatial data about utilization of the respective marine areas. It works on a spatial resolution of 1x1 km2 pixels. Within the tool, users can select specific areas of interest, investigate the model input parameters and results, adapt aquaculture farm setup, specify criteria for site-exclusion, set individual weights on potential conflict criteria, and define a specific criterion for the generated siteselection scenario. MYTIGATE uses an algorithm that integrates the spatial model result for the selection criterion (e.g. mussel weight, farm harvest) with locally applying exclusion and weighted conflict criteria. The algorithm then generates a ranking among all available sites, and selects the adequate number of most suitable sites until the selection target (e.g. no. of farms, nitrogen reduction) is reached. MYTIGATE will always only place one mitigation farm within each 1x1 km2 pixel. A summary of the selection results is reported, a respective map is created, and detailed information on the selected sites can be downloaded as a table.

Users are encouraged to apply different sets of criteria and so to generate several selection scenarios. These can subsequently be used as a basis for discussion prior to a final site-selection decision. Users should be aware that the authors are not the originators of the spatial data on marine utilization and that they cannot be held responsible for their correctness and integrity. Data provided within MYTIGATE, is not necessarily comprehensive and we strongly recommend to acquire further information on relevant specific local conditions and knowledge, prior to decision-making and establishing mussel mitigation farms at the selected sites. Currently, MYTIGATE is spatially limited to the western Baltic Sea.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationRoskilde, Denmark
PublisherAarhus Universitet
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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