Molecular characterisation of the nucleocapsid protein gene, glycoprotein gene and gene junctions of rhabdovirus 903/87, a novel fish pathogenic rhabdovirus

Tove Johansson, S. Nylund, Niels Jørgen Olesen, H. Bjørklund

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


    The sequences of the nucleocapsid and glycoprotein genes and the gene junctions of the fish pathogenic rhabdovirus 903/87 were determined from cDNA and PCR clones. The mRNA of the nucleocapsid is most likely 1492 nucleotides long and encodes a protein of 426 amino acids, whereas the mRNA of the glycoprotein is likely to be 1682 nucleotides long and the protein 517 amino acids. When the nucleocapsid and glycoprotein genes of virus 903/87 were compared at amino acid level with other rhabdoviruses they showed the hi hest homology with the Vesiculovirus genus. By sequencing the junctions between the N, P, M, G and L genes it was determined that transcription start and stop codons were conserved between virus 903/87 and the vesiculo viruses. Virus 903/87 has no open reading frame coding for a non-virion gene between the glycoprotein and the polymerase gene. Phylogenetic studies based on rhabdovirus nucleocapsid and glycoprotein genes suggested that virus 903/87 is related to viruses in the Vesiculovirus genus.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalVirus Research
    Issue number1-2
    Pages (from-to)11-22
    Publication statusPublished - 2001


    • glycoprotein gene
    • rhabdoviridae
    • rhabdovirus 903/87
    • phylogeny
    • nucleocapsid gene
    • gene junctions

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