Modern wind energy technology for Russian applications. Main report

Peter Hauge Madsen, Martin Winther-Jensen, Henrik W. Bindner, Ole Rathmann, A.N. Starkov, N. Busch, D.S. Strebkov, A.K. Sokolsky, P.P. Bezroukikh, P.P. Bezroukikh jr., Per Lundsager

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    The general objective of the project is to establish a technical foundation for an intensified application of wind energy in Russia with medium to large wind turbines and transfer/adaptation of Danish and European wind turbine technology as a basis forfuture joint ventures and technology exports. More specifically, the objective is to develop and establish the basic knowledge and design criteria for adaptation and development of Danish wind turbine technology for application under Russian conditions.The research programme is envisaged to be carried out in three phases, the first phase being the project reported herein. The main purpose of phase 1 is to assess the needs for modifications and adaptations of established standard (in casu Danish) windturbine designs for decentralised energy systems with a limited number of medium sized wind turbines and for grid connected wind turbines in cold climate and in-land sites of Russia. As part of this work it is necessary to clarify the types of operationalconditions and requirements that are to be met by wind turbines operating in such conditions, and to outline suitable test procedures and test set-up’s for verifications of such adapted and modified wind turbines. The reporting of this project is made inone main report and four topical reports, all of them issued as Risø reports. This is the Main Report, (Risø-R-1069), summing up the activities and findings of phase 1 and outlining a strategy for Russian-Danish cooperation in wind energy as agreed uponbetween the Russian and the Danish parties.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages49
    ISBN (Print)87-550-2434-3
    Publication statusPublished - 1999
    SeriesDenmark. Forskningscenter Risoe. Risoe-R


    • Risø-R-1069
    • Risø-R-1069(EN)

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