MICCAI ´06 - Workshop on Biophotonics Imaging for Diagnostics and Treatment, October 6, 2006 proceedings, 9th MICCAI Conference

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Preface: Biophotonics can be defined as the study of the interaction of light with biological material. With the recent advances in biomedical science, our understanding of the mechanisms of human health and disease has extended into the regime of cellular and molecular structure and function. The ability to image, analyze, and manipulate living tissue at this level (and to do so in a minimally- or noninvasive manner) has become essential for continued progress in biomedical research and development. Light is unique in that it can be utilized to perform exactly these functions; and as a consequence biophotonics is widely regarded as the basis for the next generation of clinical tools and biomedical research instruments. With bioimaging the impact and amount of information contained in visual data is going to be huge. For this reason, imaging remains one of the most powerful tools in biomedical research. Contents: 1 Hyperspectral image analysis: Some applications in biotechnology and their prospective solutions / Mark Berman et al., CSIRO, Australia 7 Quantifying composition of human tissues from multispectral images using a model of image formation / Ela Claridge et al., School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham, UK 15 Multispectral recordings and analysis of psoriasis lesions / Line H. Clemmensen and Bjarne Ersbøll, IMM, DTU, Denmark 19 Creating surface chemistry maps using multispectral vision technology / Jens Michael Carstensen et al., Videometer A/S, Denmark 29 Optical imaging of the embryonic heart for a better understanding of congenital heart defects / Tal\^at Mesud Yelbuz, Dept. of Pediatric Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany 33 Stereo reconstruction of the epicardium for optical fluorescence imaging / Desmund Chung et al., Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Canada 41 Biomedical applications of terahertz technology / Vincent Wallace, Teraview, United Kingdom 43 The physical principles of chemical recognition in terahertz spectral imaging / Peter Uhd Jepsen and Stewart J. Clark, COM, DTU, Denmark 51 A bidimensional signal processing approach to vesicle trafficking analysis in 3D+T fluorescence videomicroscopy / Ikhlef Bechar and Alain Trubuil, Unité de Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées, INRA Jouy-en-Josas, France 61 Characterization of pre- and postoperative macular holes from retinal OCT images / Jakob Thomadsen et al., Netcompany IT and Business Consulting, Denmark 69 Texture and wavelet based lesion classification using color images / Artur Chodorowski et al., Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 75 Preliminary clinical results for the in vivo detection of breast cancer using interstitial diffuse optical spectroscopy / Anthony Kim et al., Sunnybrook Research Institute, Dept of Medical Biophysics, Toronto, Canada 83 Optical coherence tomography in dermatology / Jakob Thomsen et al., OPL, Risø National Laboratory, Denmark 93 The intrinsic dimension of multispectral images / Cicero Mota et al., Departamento de Matematica, Universidade Federal do Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil
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Publication statusPublished - 2006


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