Methods supporting fire risk assessment and management

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Fire risks may be described using a probabilistic approach to take account for the uncertainties in the description of scenarios. This is different from a pure deterministic approach using models that predict precise outcomes based on a set of defined input data.. There are different philosophies to describe fire risks as the frequentist approach relaying on failure statistics of e.g. components or the Bayesian Believe Networks. More recently approaches to better describe the dynamic behavior of systems are being developed. These models are used to establish the essential information for risk informed decision support. They are further useful to design the proper fire risk management for the respective systems that goes beyond the risk assessment and includes maintenance of safety barriers.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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K-FORCE project activity at Novi Sad university , Serbia January 2018


  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk management
  • Fault tree
  • Event tree
  • Dynamic model


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