Methods for testing of geometrical down-scaled rotor blades

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Full scale fatigue test is an important part of the development and design of wind turbine blades. Testing is also needed for the approval of the blades in order for them to be used on large wind turbines. Fatigue test of wind turbine blades was started in the beginning of the 1980s and has been further developed since then. Structures in composite materials are generally difficult and time consuming to test for fatigue resistance. Therefore, several methods for testing of blades have been developed and exist today. Those methods are presented in [1].
Current experimental test performed on full scale MW wind turbine blade are very time consuming and expensive. For the industry that means that the tests, both static and fatigue, are not a tool in or a part of the design process. In the academic community, full scale testing of modern and future wind turbine blades are even more challenging as requirements for experimental facilities are very demanding and furthermore the time for performing the experimental test campaign and the cost are not well suitable for most research projects.
This report deals with the advantages, disadvantages and open questions of using down-scaled testing on wind turbine blades.
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