Methods for extraction of molecules

Simo Jacobsen (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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The present invention relates to a method for the extraction of molecules having a positive or a negative charge such as nucleic acid molecules, from a sample such as a solution or separation matrix. The method is suited for high-throughput extraction. Also disclosed is a device for high-throughput extraction of charged molecules comprising a plurality of electrode pairs comprising a first electrode (4a) and a second electrode (4b) attached to a support frame (8), wherein the pairs are configured to be placed in a first compartment (2) and a second compartment (5). Also disclosed is a system comprising such a device and a first reservoir comprising a plurality of first compartments, wherein the spacing between the compartments matches the spacing between wells of a standard microplate, and uses thereof for the extraction of charged molecules.

Original languageEnglish
IPCG01N 27/ 447 A I
Patent numberWO2020079220
Filing date18/10/2019
Country/TerritoryInternational Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Priority date18/10/2018
Priority numberEP20180201250
Publication statusPublished - 23 Apr 2020


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