Measurement with corrugated tubes of early-age autogenous shrinkage of cement-based material

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The use of a special corrugated mould enables transformation of volume strain into horizontal, linear strain measurement in the fluid stage. This allows continuous measurement of the autogenous shrinkage of cement-based materials since casting, and also effectively eliminates unwanted influence on the measuring results from gravity, temperature variation and mould restraint. In this paper the principle of the corrugated tube measurement is described. A systematic study was carried out on the influence on the measuring results of the material properties, size effects and encapsulated air in the corrugated tube. The experimental results show that there is a minor influence on the measuring results of the stiffness and size of the plastic tube as well as of the encapsulated air. However, the influence decreases with the hardening process and becomes negligible a few hours after final set.
Original languageChinese
JournalGuisuanyan Xuebao
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)39-45
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • corrugated tube
  • measuring technique
  • autogenous shrinkage
  • concrete

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