Mean-tracking model based stochastic economic dispatch for power systems with high penetration of wind power

Zhenjia Lin, Haoyong Chen, Qiuwei Wu, Weiwei Li, Mengshi Li, Tianyao Ji

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    The random wind power that accounts for a growing proportion in power systems imposes higher challenge on the reliable operation of power system under uncertain circumstances. Since forecasted values of wind speed are accessible to system operators in advance, the corresponding calculated pre-schedule can be regarded as a reference for the stochastic economic dispatch (SED) problem. Existing methods seldom take the pre-schedule into account when determining an optimal dispatch solution, and the resulting dispatch solutions generally differ greatly from the pre-schedule. In this paper, aiming to readjust from the reference
    schedule as little as possible, the mean-tracking model is proposed for the first time to search for optimal dispatch solutions with the minimal expectation of generation cost and the minimal tracking errors, among which the tracking errors is implemented to each generator unit in terms of minimizing the deviation in generation cost between the trial solution and the pre-schedule. Moreover, the affine decision rule is applied in this paper to distribute the uncertain wind power proportionally to each generator unit. To guarantee the stable operation of power systems, the voltage operating limits are considered to ensure the voltage on each
    bus remains within the security margins of voltage. Numerical experiments are carried out on a modified IEEE-30 bus system, and simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed mean-tracking model for the SED problem.
    Original languageEnglish
    Article number116826
    Number of pages24
    Publication statusPublished - 2020


    • Stochastic economic dispatch
    • Uncertain wind power
    • Mean-tracking model
    • Generation cost
    • Tracking errors


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