Mathematical Programming Models and Algorithms for Oshore Wind Park Design

Martina Fischetti

    Research output: Book/ReportPh.D. thesis

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    Designing an offshore wind park is a complex process, involving several different
    expertises, and multiple tasks. In this thesis we developed Mathematical
    Programming models and algorithms to help the wind park designers. In particular,
    we focused on two optimization problems arising at the design phase of
    offshore wind parks, namely the optimal allocation of turbines in a given site
    and the connection of turbines through cables. We briefly touched upon the
    optimization of offshore jacket foundations as well.
    This thesis was motivated and supervised by Vattenfall, a leading company
    in wind park development and operation. Thanks to our close collaboration,
    the optimization problems have been described and modelled as they arise in
    practical applications and they have been tested on real data. Our work proved
    to have a huge impact in practice, being able to increase park production and
    reduce costs. Having a sound optimization tool to help the designers allows
    also for different what-if analyses and scenario evaluations. This is of key value
    for Vattenfall, especially when looking at new technologies on the market.
    The mathematical optimization models and algorithms developed have been
    considered of great interest also by the Operational Research (OR) community,
    and resulted in six journal papers. This thesis wants to follow the two-fold
    nature of our project, offering interesting material both to wind energy experts
    and practitioners, and to OR experts. Therefore we alternate OR journal
    papers, with practical examples and impact evaluations.
    Finally, we proposed an application of integrating Machine Learning and OR,
    where we investigate if a machine, trained on a large number of optimized
    solutions, can estimate the value of the optimized solution for new instances.
    This research question is of interest for all kinds of optimization problems, and
    is here studied on our specific wind farm application.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherDTU Management Engineering
    Number of pages310
    Publication statusPublished - 2017

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