MarE-Fuel: Sustainable Maritime Fuels - Executive Summary Report

Peter Vang Hendriksen, Torben Anker Sørensen, Marie Münster

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This report presents the executive summary of the MarE-Fuel project financed by the Maritime Fund and the Lauritzen Fund. Partners of the project has been DTU, Anker Invest, Mærsk Line, Copenhagen Economics, OMT and DFDS.

In the MarE-fuel project the “total cost of ownership” for a fleet operator using several different green fuels in future has been estimated. The analysis considers the situation now (2020) and in 2030 and 2050. Furthermore, a roadmap illustrating possible transitions from the situation today to a zero emission maritime sector by 2050 has been constructed. This roadmap considers the emissions associated with use of various fuels, different scenarios for global emission caps for the sector and identifies the cheapest solutions over time. For both these analyses it is key to estimate the fuel costs for different fuels at various times in future. This is a non-trivial task involving projections to be made on both future costs of involved technologies and operating expenses related to use of electricity and
purchase of resources like biomass.

The first chapter summarizes the work related to assessing future costs of green fuels. The second chapter presents the total cost of ownership (TCO) model taking both fuel costs and ship related costs as well as emissions into account. The third chapter summarizes roadmap scenarios for a transition towards different global GHG emission reduction targets for the shipping sector.

Chapter four contains some final remarks on limitations in the presented analysis, other barriers to reducing emissions from the sector and suggestions to further work.Further information regarding models, assumptions and references can be found in the background reports:

- "MarE-Fuel: LCOE and optimal electricity supply strategies for P2X plants"
- "MarE-Fuel: Energy efficiencies in synthesizing green fuels and their expected cost"
- "MarE-Fuel: CO2-Taxes, Fuel Prices and Learning Rates"
- "MarE-Fuel: Total Cost of Ownership"
- "MarE-Fuel: Roadmaps for sustainable maritime fuels"
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTechnical University of Denmark
Number of pages25
Publication statusPublished - 2021


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