Magnetic cooling at Risoe DTU

Kaspar Kirstein Nielsen, Rasmus Bjørk, Jesper Buch Jensen, Christian Robert Haffenden Bahl, Nini Pryds, Anders Smith, Anders Nordentoft, Jesper Henri Hattel

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Magnetic refrigeration at room temperature is of great interest due to a long-term goal of making refrigeration more energy-efficient, less noisy and free of any environmentally hostile materials. A refrigerator utilizing an active magnetic regenerator (AMR) is based on the magnetocaloric effect, which manifests itself as a temperature change in magnetic materials when subjected to a varying magnetic field. In this work we present the current state of magnetic refrigeration research at Risoe DTU with emphasis on the numerical modeling of an existing AMR test machine. A 2D numerical heat-transfer and fluid-flow model that represents the experimental setup is presented. Experimental data of both no-heat load and heat load situations are compared to the model. Moreover, results from the numerical modeling of the permanent magnet design used in the system are presented.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberarXiv:0902.0812v1, e-Print Archive, Condensed Matter
Publication statusPublished - 2009


  • Magnetic refrigeration
  • Fuel Cells and hydrogen

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