Light distribution system comprising spectral conversion means

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System (200, 300) for the distribution of white light, having a supply side (201, 301, 401) and a delivery side (202, 302, 402), the system being configured for guiding light with a multitude of visible wavelengths in a propagation direction P from the supply side to the distribution side, the system comprising a transport fibre (210, 310, 330, 410, 410a-d) and a spectral conversion fibre (220, 320, 420ad, 500, 600, 700), the transport fibre having a length extending from a first end (211, 311, 331) to a second end (212, 312, 332), and a spectral transmission characteristics,the transport fibre being operationally connected to the spectral conversion fibre having a length extending from an input end (221, 321)to an output end (222, 322), the spectral conversion fibre comprising a photoluminescent agent (511, 611, 711) for converting light of a first wavelength to light of a second, longer wavelength,a spectral conversion characteristics of the spectral conversion fibre being essentially determined by the spectral absorption and emission properties of the photoluminescent agent, the amount of photo- luminescent agent,and the distribution of the photoluminescent agent in the spectral conversion fibre, wherein the first and second wavelengths are selected according to the spectral transmission characteristics of the transport fibre such that transmission loss in the transport fibre at the first wavelength is less than at the second wavelength. According to further aspects, a method of providing a light distribution system and a method of correcting the spectral transmission characteristics of a light distribution system are disclosed.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO2012136219A
Filing date11/10/2012
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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