Life Cycle Management Approaches to Support Circular Economy

Sébastien Zinck, Anne-Christine Ayed, Monia Niero, Megann Head, Friedrich-W. Wellmer, Roland Scholz, Stéphane Morel

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    This article summarizes the panel session “Life Cycle Management approaches to support Circular Economy” of the 8th International Conference on Life Cycle Management (LCM2017 conference, Luxembourg). Four panellists were invited to share their point of view on this topic. Each of them brought a different perspective, addressing the topic from both the academic and industrial point of view; focusing on a raw materials aspect or considering a life cycle (or eco-design) related scope; in the context of a certification process (for products or activities) or of an eco-innovation process (including new business models for circular economy). After short presentation by each of the panellists, the discussion especially addressed the complementarity between several LCM concepts to be considered jointly when developing circular concepts and models.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationDesigning Sustainable Technologies, Products and Policies : From Science to Innovation
    EditorsEnrico Benetto , Kilian Gericke , Mélanie Guiton
    Number of pages7
    Publication date2018
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


    • Environment
    • Sustainable Development
    • Environmental Management
    • Renewable and Green Energy
    • Environmental Science and Engineering
    • Sustainability Management

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