Les Joints-Venture Internationales dans La Construction Europeénne: Rapport Final

Sten Bonke, Elisabeth Campacnac, Stefano Stanghellini, Gerd Syben, Graham Winch

    Research output: Book/ReportBookResearchpeer-review


    This text presents a condensed, yet comprehensive review of the methodology and interim findings of a large international comparative study. Construction joint-ventures in five European countries have been investigated with the aim of identifying preconditions to and consequenses of internationalisation of construction such as imposed through new EU market regulations.The five different national "contracting systems" have been thoroughly analysed and their traces and encounters within the international joint-venture projects have been identified through empirical studies. The characteristics of the large construction projects are continously to a high extent dependent of the national context of the project. Thus a supra national technology management practise only seem to be constituting gradually and within specific areas.
    Original languageFrench
    Place of PublicationParis
    PublisherPlan Construction et Architecture
    Number of pages50
    Publication statusPublished - 1997

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