Lectures in Micro Meteorology

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    This report contains the notes from my lectures on Micro scale meteorology at the Geophysics Department of the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen University. In the period 1993-2012, I was responsible for this course at the University. At the start of the course, I decided that the text books available in meteorology at that time did not include enough of the special flavor of micro meteorology that characterized the work of the meteorology group at Risø (presently of the Institute of wind energy of the Danish Technical University). This work was focused on Boundary layer flows and turbulence and was often aimed at applications like wind energy, wind loads, dispersion and deposition, air-sea exchange and air-land exchange, as well as flow response to surface inhomogeneity.
    The course, dimensioned to 60 hours, was generally structured in the first year, based on copies of papers and copies of the overheads used for presentation. But it gradually filled out in the following years, as with power points and the typed manuscripts constituting this reports. Most writing was finalized within the first 10 years of the course, meaning most references are somewhat dated by now, although I have not resisted adding more recent work, if ongoing projects made it easy. In the course I have tried to present the details of the basic material, trying to avoid the well known sentence of “It is easily seen—“. But I have been less thorough and pedagogical, when presenting the more illustrative material.
    The original report includes pages of course material, directly copied from other people’s publications, used during the lectures. Therefore this report is an internal report only. In the present report these copied pages have en removed in respect for the rights of the original authors.
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