Key requirements for future control room functionality

Carlo Tornelli, Roberto Zuelli, Mattia Marinelli, Michel M.N. Rezkalla, Kai Heussen, Andrei Z. Morch, Laurence Cornez , Ammar S. A. E. Zaher, Victoria Catterson

    Research output: Book/ReportReportResearchpeer-review


    This internal report provides the key requirements for the future control centres. R8.1 represents
    the starting point of WP8 activities and wants to achieve a double objective. On the one hand it collects general requirements on future control centres emerging from the general trends in power system operation as well as experiences and results from other European projects. On the other hand, it analyses what requirements for future control rooms arise from the ELECTRA proposed control solutions. Hence, different points of view are taken into account. The ELECTRA Use Cases (UCs) and the observability needs highlighted within WP5 led to the definition of the requirements with a Web of Cell (WoC) point of view. The main European Distribution System Operators (DSOs) provided a valuable contribution in the definition of the evolvDSO Use Cases. Their analysis lead to the definition of further requirements for the future control centres discussed within this report. The analysis of what happened before the European system disturbance occurred on 4th November 2006 and of the existing trends by vendors helped T8.1 in the definition of the requirements for the future control centres. Volunteer stakeholders led to the creation of a stakeholder group within T8.1. A dedicated questionnaire (available on the website) related to the control centres and pointed towards the network operators found the answers of different European network operators (mainly DSOs) and enriched the requirements outlined in this document. In addition, during workshops organized by ELECTRA it was possible to analyse the experiences from DEMO projects of other relevant EU projects (e.g. GRID4EU). All together these suggestions and input helped T8.1 in reaching its goal. Finally, due to the presence of evolving concepts (e.g. the WoC) within ELECTRA this document will be updated during the project life.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages131
    Publication statusPublished - 2016

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    ELECTRA: European Liaison on Electricity Committed Towards long-term Research Activities for Smart
    Grids. WP 8 Future Control Room Functionality.


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