Investigation of transverse motion of concealed scatterer using correlation of speckled speckles from static surface layer

Gokul G. Nair, R.V. Vinu, Dinesh N. Naik, Michael Linde Jakobsen, Steen Grüner Hanson, Rakesh Kumar Singh

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Speckle-based techniques have noteworthy applications in the field of material science, surface characterization, determining mechanical displacements, biological activity in diffuse layer, imaging through turbid layer etc. The passage of coherent light through a diffuse layer generates a random speckle pattern, which have the inherent feature of carrying information associated with the diffuse layer. Dynamic laser speckle associated with the displacements of scattering surface has prominent impacts in the study of biological activity inside the diffuse layer. Investigations are progressing in the direction of exploring the dynamical properties associated with speckled speckles and its applications in imaging and characterization scenarios. In this work, we theoretically and experimentally study the dynamical properties of speckles through a static scattering layer using intensity correlation. The displacement (transverse or angular) produced in the concealed scatterer generates the dynamic speckle pattern which is observed through a second static diffuser. We expect to find applications of this investigation into the tracking objects hidden in the diffuse layer, measuring biological activity in diffuse layer, displacement measurements, etc.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of SPIE
Number of pages7
PublisherSPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering
Publication date2018
Article number107500A
ISBN (Print)9781510620711
Publication statusPublished - 2018
EventSPIE Optical Engineering + Applications 2018 - San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, United States
Duration: 19 Aug 201823 Aug 2018
Conference number: 10744


ConferenceSPIE Optical Engineering + Applications 2018
LocationSan Diego Convention Center
CountryUnited States
CitySan Diego
Internet address
SeriesProceedings of S P I E - International Society for Optical Engineering

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