INTEGRAL discovery of a new transient source: IGR J16374-5043: ATel 2809

L. Pavan, R. Terrier, E. Bozzo, C. Ferrigno, S. Mereghetti, A. Paizi, L. Ducci, D. Gotz, A. Bazzano, M. Fiocchi, A. De Rosa, A. Tarana, M. Del Santo, L. Natalucci, F. Panessa, F. Capitanio, V. Sguera, V. Bianchin, K. Watanabe, L. KuiperL. Barragan, J. Chenevez, I. Caballero, C. Sanchez-Fernandez, A. Bird, C. Shrader, G. Puehlhofer, G. Skinner, P. R. Hartog, K. Pottschmidt, I. Negueruela, L. Prat

Research output: Other contributionNet publication - Internet publicationResearch


During the INTEGRAL observations of RX J1713.7-3946 (PI R. Terrier), performed between 2010-08-21 03:39 and 2010-08-23 12:03, a new transient source was discovered by the soft gamma-ray imager IBIS/ISGRI (17-300 keV). The source is detected at a significance level of 10 sigma in the 20-40 keV energy band and 5 sigma in the 40-80 keV energy band (exposure time 187 ks). The corresponding averaged X-ray fluxes are 10 mCrab (~7.6e-11 erg/s/cm2) and 9 mCrab (~6.9e-11 erg/s/cm2), respectively. The best determined source coordinates are (RA,DEC) = (249.34, 50.73) (epoch J2000) with an estimated error of 2 arcmin. We named the source IGR J16374-5043. An investigation of the light curve revealed the presence of a bright flare on 2010 August 22 at 00:40, lasting for about 0.9 days. We estimated a peak flux of 70+/-10 mCrab (20-40 keV) reached approximatively two hours after the onset of the burst. The average spectrum is well fit by a power-law of index 2.4+/-1.0 and the spectrum extracted in correspondence of the peak (2010-08-22 2:40 - 6:28) by a power-law of index 1.7 +/- 1.3.. The source was always outside the X-ray monitor JEM-X (3-32 keV) field of view. An image of the region around IGR J16374-5043 and the source light curve will be posted here.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date24 Aug 2010
Publication statusPublished - 24 Aug 2010
SeriesThe Astronomer's telegram
NumberATel #2809


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