Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Automotive Business: ICED11 Automotive Keynote

Hasse Johansson (Author), Niels Henrik Mortensen (Author), Thomas J. Howard (Author), Tim C. McAloone (Author)

    Research output: Non-textual formSound/Visual production (digital)Research


    The global automotive business is one of the most competitive environment you can imagine. As an independent inventor or as a small development company it is very challenging to be successful in implementing new ideas and components. In this mature and somewhat conservative technical environment you really need to have a strong and revolutionary proposal. The big global manufacturers of vehicles have tried almost everything when it comes to new technology. When approaching them you need to have your idea well protected by patents and also reliable data to prove and convince that your invention have appropriate benefits. The timing of the dialog with a potential user or business partner is important when it comes to which issues that have highest priorities or are most frequently discussed in the organization of said user or business partner. If there exist a special issue that your idea address you will have a much better access the decision making process and get enough interest for a potential business deal. After 20 years as a supplier of engineering services to the automotive industry and 10 years as head of Global R&D at Scania CV AB, I have experienced pros and cons both from a supplier perspective as well as from a vehicle manufacturer perspective.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication date2011
    Place of PublicationDTU
    Publication statusPublished - 2011

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    In series: Proceedings of ICED11


    • Innovation
    • Constraints
    • Decision making
    • Design
    • Lifecycle
    • Product development


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