Industrialisation of polymer solar cells. Phase 2: Consolidation

Hanne Lauritzen, Suren Gevorgyan, Jesper Frausig, Rasmus B. Andersen, Frederik C Krebs

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The present report refers to the project “Industrialization of polymer solar cells – phase 2”. Both the project and this report build directly upon the prior phase 1 where the basic OPV technology,
ProcessOne, was transferred to Mekoprint. This second phase focuses on an anchoring of the transferred technology in Mekoprint’s industrial environment and an anchoring of the technology as an attractive solution for low-demanding PV applications. This second phase is also concerned with DTU’s further development of the OPV technology towards DTU’s ultimate goal of qualifying OPV for large-scale power production. The project represents thus a crossroad, where Mekoprint and DTU gradually differentiate themselves with respect to applications and therefore also their R&D priorities.
The key targets of phase 2 relate to production cost, stabilization of the production and operational lifetime of the OPV devices – targets that are import both for niche applications and bulk power production. Besides the work dedicated to solving these three key targets, two more activities have been included in the project; a pre-study on OPV solar parks and an evaluation of the business opportunities arising not only from this project but from the entire Danish OPV effort.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDTU Energy Conversion
Number of pages52
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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