Indicators of a Flowless Construction process

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    This paper is reviewing an ongoing research project which has two central aims. Firstly, to identify and analyse indicators of central importance to a successful construction process in the perspective of handing-over flawless buildings to clients. Secondly, from this knowledge, to deduce methods of bestpractice in order to reduce the level of defects in construction projects. The research draws upon statistics from The Benchmark Centre for the Danish Construction Sector (BEC). BEC has been collecting data on the number and character of defects (legally defined) in connection with buildings at hand-over to clients since 2004. Furthermore, research data is based on an electronic questionnaire filled in by clients and contractors as a retrospective analysis of the management conditions in construction projects resulting in either none or many defects at hand-over to the client. A total of 130 responded to the questionnaire. Processing of data and information from questionnaires has been carried out using different statistical and analytical methods. Focus has been on the number and graduation of seriousness of defects, on type of tender and organization of the construction process, on the type of client and on budgetary issues. The qualitative analysis focused on management of budget, time, quality, collaboration and coordination, competences and skills, safety and risk, and on the complexity of the construction projects. The results of the analysis are showing statistically significant differences for those construction processes characterized by few or no defects compared to those with many serious defects. The planning of budgetary conditions, time schedules, and an early and continuous defects control proved to have the most significant influence on the final results related to defects in the building at handover to the client. Furthermore, also quality control, the collaboration between parties, skills and safety initiatives are influencing factors in the analysis of results.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationConference proceedings. Joint CIB International Symposium of W055, W065, W089, W118, TG76, TG78, TG81 and TG84
    EditorsNiraj Thurairajah
    PublisherBirmingham City University
    Publication date2012
    ISBN (Print)978-2-9813355-1-7
    Publication statusPublished - 2012


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