Hydrogen/Oxygen Reactions at High Pressures and Intermediate Temperatures: Flow Reactor Experiments and Kinetic Modeling

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A series of experimental and numerical investigations into hydrogen oxidation at high pressures and intermediate temperatures has been conducted. The experiments were carried out in a high pressure laminar flow reactor at 50 bar pressure and a temperature range of 600–900 K. The equivalence ratio of the mixture was varied from oxidizing to reducing conditions. Moreover, a series of experiments in an oxygen atmosphere instead of a nitrogen atmosphere has been done. A reaction mechanism based on a recent work by Burke et al. has been developed. In addition to modeling of the present experiments, the mechanism is used to simulate published data on ignition delay time and laminar burning velocity of hydrogen. The flow reactor results show that at reducing, stoichiometric, and oxidizing conditions, conversion starts at temperatures of 750–775 K, 800–825 K, and 800–825 K, respectively. In oxygen atmosphere, ignition occurs at the temperature of 775–800 K. In general, the present model provides a good agreement with the measurements in the flow reactor and with recent data on laminar burning velocity and ignition delay time.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2013
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Event6th European Combustion Meeting - Lund, Sweden
Duration: 25 Jun 201328 Jun 2013


Conference6th European Combustion Meeting

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