Hvad spiser danske børn og voksne?

Sisse Fagt, Agnes N. Pedersen

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Dietary habits in Denmark
Dietary habits in Denmark can be evaluated on basis of the Danish National Survey of diet and physical activity. The survey covers the dietary intake of Danes aged 4-75 y and the diet is recorded for 7 days. The latest survey 2011-13 shows that the dietary composition has changed both in a positive and negative direction since 2003-08.

In the observed changes over time it is important to take into account that participants with low educations are underrepresented in 2011-13 compared to 2011-08. Positive dietary changes may therefore be overestimated while negative changes might be underestimated.

The surveys show that the diet contains more vegetables and fish in 2011-13 than in 2003-08. The content of fatty milk products is reduced while the content of fat reduced milk products has increased. The content of sugar sweetened fizzy drinks has decreased. Simultaneously, the proportion of potatoes and whole meal rye bread has been reduced while the content of meat and meat products has increased. Furthermore, the dietary content of fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber has decreased slightly.

Evaluation of the diet against the food based dietary guidelines shows that many Danes still eat unhealthily.
Original languageDanish
Issue number4
Pages (from-to)316-321
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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