Homage to Professor Meinhart H. Zenk: Crowd accelerated research and innovation

Nanna Heinz, Birger Lindberg Møller

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Professor Meinhart H. Zenk has had an enormous impact within the plant biochemistry area. Throughout his entire career he was able to identify and address key scientific issues within chemistry and plant secondary metabolism. Meinhart H. Zenk and his research associates have provided seminal scientific contributions within a multitude of research topics. A hallmark in Meinhart H. Zenk’s research has been to rapidly introduce and apply new technologies and to initiate cross-disciplinary collaborations to provide groundbreaking new knowledge within research areas that at the time appeared highly complex and inaccessible to experimentation. He strived and managed to reach scientific excellence. In this way, he was an eminent key mentor within the plant biochemistry research community. Today, few single individuals possess so much knowledge. However, web-based social platforms enable fast and global distribution and sharing of information also including science related matters, unfortunately often prior to assessment of its correctness. Thus the demand of scientific mentoring that Meinhart H. Zenk offered the science community is as important as ever. In the honor of Meinhart H. Zenk, let us keep up that tradition and widen our engagement to encompass the new social media and benefit from the opportunities offered by crowd accelerated innovation.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)20-28
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Externally publishedYes


  • Professor Meinhart H. Zenk
  • Plant biochemistry
  • Science excellence
  • Mentoring
  • Web-based social platforms
  • Crowd accelerated research and innovation


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