Guidelines for Inter-Enterprise Management (IEM), GLOBEMEN Deliverable D23

Martin Tølle, Johan Vesterager

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    This document is a deliverable of Work package 2 of the IMS Globemen (GMN) project: D23 Guidelines for Inter-Enterprise Management (IEM). IMS Globemen is an inter-regional project aiming to develop methods, tools and architectures to support inter-enterprise operations in one-of-kind industries, in different lifecycle phases. This report focuses on management of the inter-enterprise delivery process. It is based on the identification of industrial requirements and the specification of the tools in GMN industrial case in EU. These have been reported in earlier deliverables D21 (Requirements) and D22 (Specification). Correspondingly, this report operates as input for further generalisation over the lifecycle in D43: Guidelines for Virtual Manufacturing Enterprise. The main objective of the deliverable is to describe guidelines how companies may operate in an inter-enterprise environment supported by C-Project, the developed solution for Inter-Enterprise Management. The structure of the deliverable is as follows: - Chapter 1 introduces the guidelines and outlines the structure of the deliverable - Chapter 2 defines key terms along with a list of acronyms used in the deliverable - Chapter 3 gives a general introduction to the Virtual Enterprise concept of GLOBEMEN as well as introducing different types of partnership and information needs related to each of these. - Chapter 4 gives a description of a Vision and Business Environment for OKP This section starts with a description of the holistic vision of how an OKP enterprise envision to do business in the future. This is followed by a description of the current business environment the company is facing, intended to give an insight in the motivation for why the enterprise pursues the vision described. This chapter concludes with a more detailed description of a vision for inter-enterprise management (IEM). - Chapter 5 contains the actual Guidelines The chapter contains guidelines for how to prepare enterprise network in being able to set up and manage virtual enterprises. The section consists of a set of activities an enterprise should/could consider when preparing itself to operate in a dynamic inter-enterprise environment such as a virtual enterprise. The list should be seen as checklist to go through, cowering mainly issues relevant when selecting partners and configuring virtual enterprise from an inter-enterprise management point of view. - Chapter 6 Description of the solution, C-Project Describes the solution developed as a part of GLOBEMEN to partially support inter-enterprise management as described in the vision. The solution, C-Project, is a software application that supports collaborative project (hence the name C-project). - Chapter 7 contain conclusions and a description of future work - Chapter 8 Contains references used in the deliverable - Appendix A: Describes the detailed C-Project use cases. They are based on GLOBEMEN deliverables D21 and D22.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages52
    Publication statusPublished - 2002


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