Green Decision Making: How Systemic Planning can support Strategic Decision Making for Sustainable Transport Development

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    The book is based on my participation in the SUSTAIN research project 2012-2017 about National Sustainable Transport Planning funded by the Danish Research Council (Innovationsfonden). Many of the issues treated here have a backdrop in my book Complex Strategic Choices – Applying Systemic Planning for Strategic Management. The book was published in 2012 by Springer-Verlag, London, as a research monograph in the publisher’s series about Decision Engineering. The intention behind this new book – with its focus upon ‘greening’ of strategic decisions – is to provide a general and less technical description of the possibilities that a systemic approach to complex planning problems seems to offer.
    As will appear, the presentation of systemic planning (SP) below is primarily based on applying SP to transport infrastructure investments. However, SP in its process and methodological outline should not be seen as restricted to this application area. In fact a company relocation decision case has been used to introduce the potential of SP as regards providing decision support for strategic decision making. A main concern in this presentation of SP, which deviates from the Springer book referred to above, is to highlight that ‘greening’ of decision making is not an ‘add-on’ activity. More likely it is a possibility that arises by basing complex strategic choices on decision support knowledge established by conducting and combining specific types of examination related to the actual complex decision problem, typically of strategic nature.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2017

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