Generalized Phase Contrast with matched filtering using LCoS pico-projectors

Andrew Rafael Bañas, Darwin Palima, Jesper Glückstad

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We report a beam shaping system for generating high intensity programmable optical
spots using mGPC: matched filtering combined with Generalized Phase Contrast
applying two consumer handheld pico-projectors. Such a system presents a low cost
alternative for optical trapping and manipulation, optical lattices and other beam
shaping applications usually implemented with high-end spatial light modulators.
Portable pico-projectors based on liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) devices were used
as binary phase-only spatial light modulators by setting the appropriate polarization of
the illumination. They were subsequently placed into the object and Fourier plane of a
4f-setup based on the mGPC configuration. Having a dynamic spatial phase filter,
instead of a fabricated one, allows the beam shaper to adapt to different input phase
patterns suited for different requirements. Despite imperfections in these consumer
pico-projector LCoS-devices, the mGPC approach tolerates phase aberrations that
would have otherwise been contrasted by a standard phase imaging technique.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication8th EOS Topical Meeting on Diffractive Optics : DO2012 Technical digest
PublisherEuropean Optical Society
Publication date2012
ISBN (Print)978-3-00-033711-6
Publication statusPublished - 2012
Event8th EOS Topical Meeting on Diffractive Optics - Delft, Netherlands
Duration: 27 Feb 20121 Mar 2012


Conference8th EOS Topical Meeting on Diffractive Optics


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