GaN-based 1-MHz Partial Parallel Dual Active Bridge Converter with Integrated Magnetics

Zhe Zhang, Jiasheng Huang, Yudi Xiao

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In this paper, a partial parallel dual active bridge (PPDAB) converter is proposed to lower the current stress over the switching devices on the low-voltage (LV) side. Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors are used to improve efficiency and power density at 1 MHz switching frequency. Moreover, in order to reduce the number of magnetic components and achieve more compact design, with a unique three-leg core geometry, a new method of integrating three transformers and their associated interfacing inductors is proposed. The integration is able to shorten winding length and therefore reduces winding dc resistance. Moreover, wounding the secondary windings on each outer leg in the core enlarges leakage inductance, which can serve as the interfacing inductor Lac in the PPDAB converter. Given that, a reluctance model to analyze coupling effect of the secondary windings as well as their current balance is derived and validated by finite element simulations. Based on both calculations and simulations, the proposed integrated transformer is found to be functionally equivalent to three discrete transformers, in which their primary windings are connected in series, and the additional Lac inductor. Additionally, given the same number of the turns of the windings in each parallel module, the ac currents in these three secondary windings can inherently balance. Finally, a fully GaN-based 1.2-kW 1-MHz 400V/50V prototype with a peak efficiency of 97.51% is built and tested to verify the theoretical analysis.
Original languageEnglish
JournalI E E E Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Number of pages10
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2021


  • Gallium Nitride (GaN)
  • High frequency
  • Dual Active Bridge (DAB)
  • Partial parallel
  • Magnetic integration

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