Gabor frames on locally compact abelian groups and related topics

Mads Sielemann Jakobsen

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This thesis consists of four papers. The first one introduces generalized translation invariant systems and considers their frame properties, the second and third paper give new results on the theory of Gabor frames, and the fourth is a review paper with proofs and new results on the Feichtinger algebra.

The generalized translation invariant (GTI) systems provide, for the first time, a framework which can describe frame properties of both discrete and continuous systems. The results yield the well-known characterizations of dual frame pairs and Parseval frames of Gabor-, wavelet-, curvelet- and shearlet-type and for (generalized) shift-invariant systems and their continuous formulations.

This thesis advances the theory of both separable and non-separable, discrete, semicontinuous and continuous Gabor systems. In particular, the well established structure theory for separable lattice Gabor frames is extended and generalized significantly to Gabor systems with time-frequency shifts along closed subgroups in the time-frequency plane. This includes density results, the Walnut representation, the Wexler-Raz biorthogonality relations, the Bessel duality and the duality principle between Gabor frames and Gabor Riesz bases.

The theory of GTI systems and Gabor frames in this thesis is developed and presented in the setting of locally compact abelian groups, however, even in the euclidean setting the results given here improve the existing theory.

Finally, the thesis contains a review paper with proofs of all the major results on the Banach space of functions known as the Feichtinger algebra. This includes many of its different characterizations and treatment of its many equivalent norms, its minimality among all time-frequency shift invariant Banach spaces and aspects of its dual space, operators on the space and the kernel theorem for the Feichtinger algebra. The work also includes new findings such as a characterization among all Banach spaces, a forgotten theorem by Reiter on Banach space isomorphisms of the Feichtinger algebra, and new useful inequalities.
Translated title of the contributionGabor frames på lokalt kompakte abelske grupper og relaterede emner
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationKgs. Lyngby
PublisherTechnical University of Denmark
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - 2017
SeriesDTU Compute PHD-2016

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