Further observations of GRO J1750-27 (AXJ1749.1-2639) with INTEGRAL

Søren Kristian Brandt, S. Shaw, A. Hill, P. Kretschmar, R. Wijnands, T. Oosterbroek, E. Kuulkers, V. Beckmann, S. Soldi, Jérôme Chenevez, T. J.-L. Courvoisier, A. Domingo, K. Ebisawa, P. Jonker, C. Markwardt, A. Paizis, D. Risquez, C. Sanchez-Fernandez

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearch


The transient accreting X-ray pulsar GRO J1750-27 (AX J1749.1-2639), which became active end of January 2008 (ATel #1376), has been repeatedly observed by the INTEGRAL Galactic Bulge monitoring program since mid February (ATel #1385) on 11, 20 and 23 Feb. 2008. During the three observations, totalling about 27 ks, the source has remained bright at a roughly constant level with the following flux averaged over the 3 observations: 186+/-9 mCrab (3-10 keV), 319+/-15 mCrab (10-25 keV), 198+/-2 mCrab (18-40 keV), and 20+/-3 mCrab (40-100 keV).
Original languageEnglish
JournalThe Astronomer's telegram
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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Brandt, S. K., Shaw, S., Hill, A., Kretschmar, P., Wijnands, R., Oosterbroek, T., Kuulkers, E., Beckmann, V., Soldi, S., Chenevez, J., Courvoisier, T. J-L., Domingo, A., Ebisawa, K., Jonker, P., Markwardt, C., Paizis, A., Risquez, D., & Sanchez-Fernandez, C. (2008). Further observations of GRO J1750-27 (AXJ1749.1-2639) with INTEGRAL. The Astronomer's telegram, 1400. https://doi.org/2008ATel.1400....1B