Framework conditions for flexibility in the individual heatingelectricity interface

Daniel Møller Sneum, Dagnija Blumberga, Jonas Katz, Ole Jess Olsen

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The Flex4RES project investigates how an intensified interaction between coupled energy markets, supported by coherent regulatory frameworks, can facilitate the integration of high shares of variable renewable energy (VRE), in turn ensuring stable, sustainable and cost-efficient Nordic energy systems. Through a holistic system approach based on coupled energy markets, we identify potentials, costs and benefits of achieving flexibility in the Nordic electricity market created by the heat, gas and transport sectors as well as by electricity transmission and ge neration. Flex4RES develops and applies a multidisciplinary research strategy that combines technical analysis of flexibility needs and potentials, economic analysis of markets and regulatory frameworks, and energy system modelling that quantifies impacts. Through the development of a coherent regulatory frameworks and market designs that facilitate market interactions, which are optimal for the Nordic conditions in an EU context, transition pathways to sustainable Nordic energy systems are identified. Flex4RES will comprehensively discuss and disseminate the recommended pathways and market designs for achieving a future Nordic sustainable energy solution with a variety of stakeholders from government, industry and civil society.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages63
ISBN (Print)978-87-93458-49-9
Publication statusPublished - 2017


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