FM Value Map

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The main focus of Facilities Management (FM) has for a long time been on cost reductions of property operation and internal support services. This has for instance been achieved by extensive outsourcing of internal services to external service providers, which fused the development of a large and fast expanding market for facility services. However, we have within the last 15 years noticed a change towards the need for FM to create value or added value for the customers – independent of them being internal or external.
In a research project based on an explorative empirical study of FM best practice in the Nordic countries from 2005 to 2008 we investigated 36 cases from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Finland. One of the general conclusions were that a change was occurring from FM primarily focusing of cost reduction towards also focusing on creation of added value. This conclusion both concerned in-house FM organisations and external FM providers. The conclusion was underlined by the fact that the network of FM associations in the Nordic countries, NordicFM, in the same period established a working group consisting of practitioners – with me as the only researcher - with the purpose to ”Highlight the added values to core business provided by Facilities Management”.
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