First report of Taenia ovis infection in Danish sheep (Ovis aries)

Heidi Huus Petersen*, Mohammad N.S. Al-Sabi, Gitte Larsen, Tim Kåre Jensen, Mariann Chriél

*Corresponding author for this work

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    We report Taenia ovis infection in Danish sheep for the first time. In spring 2016, the metocestode stage of T. ovis was at slaughter observed in heart muscles, diaphragm and skeletal muscles from approx. a third of all sheep from one specific farm localised in South Jutland. The diagnosis was confirmed by molecular typing of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I (cox1) gene. Three newly imported dogs were suspected but the definitive host was unidentifiable. The finding is not regulated in the meat control procedures. However, infected meat is usually condemned due to aesthetic reasons causing economic losses. Thus, finding of T. ovis is of concern to sheep meat producers in the area, as the infection could have spread further on to other farms.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalVeterinary Parasitology
    Pages (from-to)3-6
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


    • Taenia ovis
    • Sheep measles
    • Sheep
    • Meat hygiene
    • Intermediate host
    • Dogs
    • Cox1
    • Denmark


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