First Joint Chinese-Danish Symposium: Characterisation of Microstructures. Extended abstracts

Jacob R. Bowen, A. Godfrey, Wolfgang Pantleon

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    The First Chinese-Danish Symposium on the Characterisation of Microstructures was held in Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China between 19-20 August 2002. This symposium was organised together with the closely related Summer School on the Geometry of Microstructures, which was held immediately prior to this symposium. At the symposium 29 lectures were presented and this document collects the extended abstracts from these presentations. The symposium was organised in six sessions: two on the characterisation of deformation microstructures, one on the characterisation of recrystallisation and three sessions describing the stateof-the-art of the available metallurgical techniques for the characterisation of the microstructures that occur as a result of thermomechanical processes. Under the theme of deformation, papers were presented on microstructure resulting from conventional forming processes as well as nano scale microstructures in metals such as aluminium and steel alloys
    produced by techniques such as surface mechanical attrition and equal channel angular extrusion. Classical aspects of recrystallisation such as stereology were presented which were then extrapolated for use in automated characterisation techniques, namely EBSP and 3DXRD, and in the same context the novel effects of magnetic and electric fields on recrystallisation phenomena were also discussed. Three main techniques were intensely investigated, namely TEM, EBSD and 3DXRD and occupied half of the scope and time of the symposium. Papers ranged from cautionary notes on the use of established techniques (TEM and EBSP) to exploratory studies on the capability of the novel 3DXRD technique. This symposium provided a platform for the open discussion between Chinese and Danish scientists on various metallic microstructures and related phenomena riding on the back of a school acutely focused on the theories behind the available characterisation tools. Therefore, this report provides a snapshot of Chinese and Danish scientific efforts in the field.
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    PublisherRisø National Laboratory
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    Publication statusPublished - 2002
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