Final Report on Models, Periodic Progress, Report No D1.3, Globeman21, ESPRIT 26509

Jens Dahl Pedersen, Martin Tølle, Johan Vesterager

    Research output: Book/ReportReportpeer-review


    This deliverable D1.3 is the third and final deliverable of WP1 - Global Manufacturing Concept of the European part of the Globeman21 project. The report essentially presents the final models on generic Extended Enterprise Management (EEM) and generic Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM), a collection of practical experiences, and requirements for enhanced methods and tools for modelling. First, the deliverable outlines the GM21 understanding regarding extended enterprises and virtual enterprises. This is done by extracting and synthesising the essence of key definitions and concepts accomplished during the GM21EU project. Especially the Extended Enterprise Framework should be accentuated as a key concept of WP1. Building on ISO/DIS 15704 GERAM, the framework constitutes a generic reference model for extended enterprises and hereunder for EEM and PLCM issues. The Extended Enterprise Framework forms the common structure for the work and results of this deliverable. The deliverable furthermore discusses work preparation as an important activity in extended enterprise planning. In this relation different forms of work preparation are introduced and discussed leading to a specific classification schema for work preparation in extended enterprises. The classification schema is applied as support for a mapping of the EEM and PLCM pilot projects onto the Extended Enterprise Framework. By mapping the industrial pilot work onto a common reference model experiences have been collected from GM21EU pilots and formalised to a coherent set of examples supporting the generic model of EEM and PLCM, in particular the Extended Enterprise Methodology. The pilot mapping highlights the diversity of VE and PLC support options in an extended enterprise, and can essentially serve as inspiration and support for EEM and PLCM in a wider context than the GM21 project. As a key element of the model for generic EEM and PLCM an Extended Enterprise Methodology has been developed. The Extended Enterprise Methodology recommends key activities in support of EEM and PLCM in a virtual enterprise based extended enterprise context. Through the set of recommended activities for individual life cycle phases of respectively the network entity, the VE entity, and the product entity of the Extended Enterprise Framework, the methodology supports realisation of extended enterprises. The time sequenced planning and preparation perspective of the methodology is furthermore exemplified by a life history example. Both the GM21 concepts and the Extended Enterprise Methodology have been transferred to so called Active Knowledge Models in the NCR METIS modelling tool. The Concepts Model provides an overview of the main concepts that have been defined and studied in the project. The aim of the Concept Model is to show how the different concepts are related to each other and to the GM21 pilot projects. Complementary, the Methodology Model models the life cycle based activities of the Extended Enterprise Methodology as well as selected, basic relationships between these activities. The latter computer based model demonstrates how different EEM and PLCM aspects can be linked together such as linking methodology activities to management and engineering roles, to capability profiles, and to specific human resources. Besides, the modelling work demonstrates how enterprise modelling can contribute to the development and communication of extended enterprise concept and methodology issues as well as support execution of EEM and PLCM. Finally, the modelling work has led to identification of enhanced modelling requirements by capturing of modelling experiences focusing on extended enterprises modelling peculiarities.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages182
    Publication statusPublished - 1999


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