Final assessment of vibro-acoustic source strength descriptors of helicopter gearboxes

Mogens Ohlrich, Ulrik Møller Rasmussen

    Research output: Book/ReportReportResearchpeer-review


    Two novel measurement techniques have been developed for quantifying the vibro-aqcoustic source strength of lightweight helicopter gearboxes. The accuracy, robustness and implementation of these methods have been examined by a comprehensive investigation, including theoretical studies of simple multi-modal beam systems and extensive experiments with more realistic small scale models and with large, detailed 3/4-scale test structures of a medium-size helicopter. In addition, partial verification tests have been conducted with the Eurocopter BK 117 helicopter and its main rotor gearbox. The results of this work are essential as input for any prediction code of the internal noise in a helicopter cabin, because the prediction requires knowledge of the major sources, that is, the rotors, engines and gearboxes.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages21
    Publication statusPublished - 1996

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