Fabrication and improvement of nanopillar InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes using nanosphere lithography

Ahmed Fadil, Yiyu Ou, Teng Zhan, Kaiyu Wu, Dmitry B. Suyatin, Weifang Lu, Paul Michael Petersen, Zhiqiang Liu, Haiyan Ou

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


Surface-patterning technologies have enabled the improvement of currently existinglight-emitting diodes (LEDs) and can be used to overcome the issue of low quantum efficiency ofgreen GaN-based LEDs. We have applied nanosphere lithography to fabricate nanopillars onInGaN∕GaN quantum-well LEDs. By etching through the active region, it is possible to improveboth the light extraction efficiency and, in addition, the internal quantum efficiency through theeffects of lattice strain relaxation. Nanopillars of different sizes are fabricated and analyzed usingRaman spectroscopy. We have shown that nanopillar LEDs can be significantly improved byapplying a combination of ion-damage curing techniques, including thermal and acidic treatment,and have analyzed their effects using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy.
Original languageEnglish
Article number093062
JournalJournal of Nanophotonics
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Light-emitting diodes
  • Gallium nitride
  • Nanopillar
  • Damage treatment


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