Expert groups in Denmark with special reference to Classical and African swine fever

Åse Uttenthal

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    The Danish (National Veterinary) Expert group for Classical and African swine fever has been active during the last 10 years. The group is composed of experts in EU-legislation, in Danish pig production, in pig diseases and in virology. The group has participated in a national workshop on CSFV surveillance, in Contingency planning exercises and many efforts is done to keep the group updated on the current international situation for swine fevers.
    The group has been very stabile and especially our participation in a Taiex workshop in 2005 in Romania was a very good basis for our fruitful collaboration. In many later discussions our experiences then when we observed the problems in vivo.
    The obligations of the expert group are both to follow the progress of eradication but definitely also to take care of some of the more time consuming discussions that could otherwise burden the Veterinary Authorities. Questions like “Could we be allowed to vaccinate the pigs in Zoo if there is an outbreak”, or other things that may have a high interest in the press but which do not matter that much in the gross picture of the eradication could be handed over to the expert group.
    My presentation will give examples of what we have done and how we have kept the group alive. It is my impression that the “good chemistry” of the group is very important for the success in peacetime. Should there ever be a war-time, I feel confident that “my” Expert group will be of use.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationMeeting Proceedings of the Nordic Council of Ministers : Abstract book
    Number of pages1
    Publication date2012
    Publication statusPublished - 2012
    EventNordic-Baltic Veterinary Contingency Group: Expert group Ad hoc meeting - DGI Byen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Duration: 3 Dec 20124 Dec 2012


    ConferenceNordic-Baltic Veterinary Contingency Group
    LocationDGI Byen


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