Experimental investigation of thermophysical properties, entropy generation and convective heat transfer for a nitrogen-doped graphene nanofluid in a laminar flow regime

Mohammad Mehrali, Emad Sadeghinezhad, Marc A. Rosen, Amir Reza Akhiani, Sara Tahan Latibari, Mehdi Mehrali, Hendrik Simon Cornelis Metselaar

    Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


    Nitrogen-doped graphene (NDG) nanofluids are prepared using a two-step method in an aqueous solution of 0.025. wt% Triton X-100 as a surfactant with various nanosheets at several concentrations (0.01, 0.02, 0.04, 0.06. wt%). The results are reported of experiments on the thermal conductivity, viscosity and convective heat transfer behavior of NDG nanofluids undergoing laminar flowing in a circular tube. The results indicate that, compared to the base liquid, the thermal conductivity is enhanced for NDG nanofluids by between 22.15% and 36.78%, and the heat transfer coefficient of the NDG nanofluids is increased by 7-50%. The measurements also show that the pressure drop of the nanofluids increased by between 0.08% and 14.4%. In addition, the overall performance of the tested nanofluids are assessed based on the performance index and optimum work conditions, demonstrating that the nanofluids can be advantageous in practical applications.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalAdvanced Powder Technology
    Pages (from-to)717–727
    Publication statusPublished - 2016


    • Characterization
    • Convective heat transfer
    • Laminar flow
    • Nanofluid
    • Nitrogen-doped graphene

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