Experimental investigation of flash pyrolysis oil droplet combustion

Norazana Ibrahim, Peter A. Jensen, Kim Dam-Johansen, Mohd.K.A. Hamid, Rafiziana M. Kasmani, Roshafima R. Ali, Hasrinah Hasbullah

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The aim of this work is to investigate and compare the combustion behaviour of a single droplet of pyrolysis oil derived from wheat straw and heavy fossil oil in a single droplet combustion chamber. The initial oil droplet diameters were in between 500 μm to 2500 μm. The experiments were performed at a temperature ranging between 1000 and 1400°C with an initial gas velocity of 1.6 m/s and oxygen concentration of 3%. The evolution of combustion of bio-oil droplets was recorded by a digital video camera. It was observed that the combustion behaviour of pyrolysis oil droplet differ from the heavy oil in terms both of ignition, devolatilisation and char oxidation. The pyrolysis oil is more difficult to ignite and has a shorter devolatilisation time and a longer char oxidation time. Copyright © 2013, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.
Original languageEnglish
Book seriesChemical engineering transactions
Pages (from-to)667-672
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Event11th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering - Milan , Italy
Duration: 2 Jun 20135 Jun 2013
Conference number: 11


Conference11th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering


  • Combustion chambers
  • Crude oil
  • Ignition
  • Drops


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