European Green Deal: Contents, Influences, and Implications

Guiyang Zhuang, Xianli Zhu

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The European Green Deal is the most important policy outline that the European Union has issued to date. It is a comprehensive strategy for green development and covers almost all economic sectors. It aims at transforming the EU transition into a fair and prosperous society and a modern economy of high competitiveness and efficient resource use. It sets the target of achieving carbon neutrality and decoupling economic growth and resource consumption in the EU by 2050. China
and the EU are strategic partners, and both play a critical role in the global efforts on climate change response and green transition. Through the Green Deal, the EU has re-occupied the commanding heights of global transition in terms of concept, strategy, and politics. EU’s Green Deal will have a bearing on China’s choices at the strategic level; moreover, its specific policies and measures will influence China’s economy and serve as references for China to promote its ecological construction efforts. China should cooperate with the EU in leading global climate governance.
Original languageChinese
Article number116
JournalInternational Economic Review
Issue number157
Pages (from-to)116-133
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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